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Last Day To Preorder Ashes and Arrows

There are about sixteen hours left to preorder a signed paperback copy of Ashes and Arrows, my upcoming Robin Hood retelling! This is the last time I will bugging you all about it for a bit, which I imagine is a good thing! As of now, I have reached about 52% of the total goal, but luckily with a combination of preorders on IndieGoGo and royalties from the last few months, we have officially hit the breakeven point! Therefore, Ashes and Arrows will be able to be produced. I am very excited about this story, and I cannot wait to share it with you in winter 2024. Don't forget that when you preorder Ashes and Arrows, you get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the publishing process and you'll be the first to see and hear about all the details. If you want to learn more, head to this page!

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