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August 3rd, 2020

Grace Richardson is a young mortal woman whose only concerns are providing for her family, playing her violin, and spending as much time as possible with her brother, Leo. When Leo goes into service in the Fae’s world as a mercenary, she expects him to return with the honor that he deserves.

When Leo suddenly dies in an unspecified accident, not a word, medal, or penny comes down from the higher-ups. Suspecting foul play, Grace disguises herself as a Fae and sneaks into the Upper Realm to get some answers. She anticipates being in way over her head, but the Fae soldier who discovers her true identity only a day in? Not so much.

Now Grace is forced to drag Aiden along as she tries to work out exactly how and why her brother died. Along the way, she has no choice but to confront her prejudices against the Fae as she attempts to sort out the difference between the honest and the dishonest. Political conspiracies, demon realm escapades, and family secrets will all lead Grace to the answers she’s looking for… and some that she isn’t.

ChasingWar (1).jpg


September 14th, 2021

Expect the unexpected when you take your place in Fae society.

When Grace arrives at the House of the Evening, she is instantly thrust into the world of the Fae nobility. As the heir to a throne she didn’t even realize was hers, she has to navigate magical education, complex traditions, and a stepfamily she never asked for. With her new tutor, Talon, and Aiden by her side, Grace steps out into the Upper Realm as Lady of the House of the Evening only to find a war exploding under her gaze led by the House of Darkness. With minimal training and outdated laws keeping her from stepping up for the war effort, she and Aiden must quickly strategize against the invaders while searching in earnest for the remaining six prophecy members. As the war rages on and more pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Grace must make a decision about who to trust and how to lead.



December 13th, 2022

“We are on our own now … From here on out, we win or lose on our own merit. We either save the realm, or we condemn it to burn.”

With the war in the Upper Realm in full swing, Grace has her hands full fighting for a society that has only just begun to accept her as its own. The House of Darkness and High Lord Carron only grow stronger, and with demonic magic involved, there’s no telling what havoc the enemy plans to wreak across the Three Realms. She has no time to think about Aiden’s return to the House of the Evening and her conflicting feelings for him. And there’s no time to confront Faolan about the kiss they shared and what might be brewing between them. There are battles to fight, lands to liberate, and, most importantly, an all-too-pressing prophecy to decipher. 

Caught in a vicious cycle of victory and defeat, Grace has to confront her heritage once and for all and fulfill the prophecy with her friends by any means necessary, whether or not it is the fate that she desires for herself.



March 24th, 2021

This short story collection from the Chasing Fae universe highlights three characters from the House of the Evening, a lorddom of the nightlife, music, and art. Each of these characters represents an important part in Grace’s past and future. 

  • A Chance Meeting:  When Amelia, Grace’s future mother, meets Alexander for the first time, she is intrigued by his mysterious appearance and his disdain for the art she loves so much. She works to teach him the joy of creating and ends up learning a little bit about seizing life herself. 

  • Taking My Place: Elise may not be as high ranking of a girl as the other daughters of the men her father works with, but she plans to find and take her place in the House of the Evening no matter who gets in her way. 

  • Coming To Terms: Grace’s half-brother, Neil, has never had to compete for anything. As the heir to the House of the Evening, he will inherit everything to make his own. But when his father brings home a bastard daughter, his world gets thrown into a tailspin.



February 15th, 2022

#10 on's 25 Best Indie Books of 2022

Kristy Fitzpatrick just can’t catch a break. 

As a mortal in a magical world, she often feels disconnected from the rest of her mystical, more exciting classmates. The only thing that she has to compete with in the classroom is her mind. 

But even for a magical being like her impulsive naiad best friend, Brianna, life is far from stable. Centuries ago, when a fully formed labyrinth sprang from the ocean, the magic emanating from its ivy walls caused all kinds of devastating magical consequences that affect the planet every year from magical instability in beings all over the world to chaotic natural disasters. 

Every year, four high school students are chosen to enter the labyrinth and try to break its hold on the world by solving a series of complex riddles and challenges. Most never come out. 

But when Kristy’s school is selected as the home of the next four students, despite her lack of choice in the matter, she sees an opportunity to do something that no other student has managed to do so far: survive the labyrinth. 

In Volume 1 of this Hunger Games-meets-Maze Runner high fantasy story from Kindle Vella and Radish, Kristy is about to learn whether her mind and body are up to the task. Because somehow, as she tests her own limitations, the Labyrinth is learning how to best her and her companions. There is no telling what kind of obstacles could come next.



Updates weekly on Kindle Vella and Radish.

In a world of magical instability, four high school students are chosen every year to enter the Ivy Labyrinth and try to break its hold on the planet by solving a series of complex challenges and riddles. Most never come out. Now, a new four have been chosen: the quiet intellectual, Kristy; the dutiful son, Kai; the impulsive best friend, Brianna; and the highly reactive screwup, Ash. In a high fantasy, Hunger Games-meets-Maze Runner serial, there's no telling what obstacles will come up next.

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March 2023

Coming soon!

Coming Soon!
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