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Quick Update: The Fablyth Maps!

Hey readers! I have a new update for you about Ashes and Arrows. The majority of the book is off to the copyeditor, and some has already come back. Milan and I have started discussion on the cover, and I'm hoping to start working up my marketing plan soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you the newest addition to the series and its lore: the Fablyth maps! My fiance, Daniel Sage, created these using Inkarnate (the same software I used for the Chasing Fae Trilogy maps), and I think they turned out fantastic. The large map is the original, and then I cut individual images for the nine kingdoms so people could see each section up close. There are so many fantastic little details. I hope you like them!


The Kingdom of Earhshire (Robin Hood, Ashes and Arrows)

The Kingdom of Villeneuve (Beauty and the Beast, Treasures and Thorns)

The Kingdom of Conri (Little Red Riding Hood, Rebels and Red Hoods)

The Kingdom of Rhodaire (Cinderella, Magic and Masquerades)

The Kingdom of Iver (The Princess and the Pea, Assassins and Accessions)

The Kingdom of Caerleon (King Arthur, Twins and Tyranny)

The Kingdom of Marina Mia (Little Mermaid, Sirens and Secrecy)

The Kingdom of Barbel (Rapunzel, Seclusion and Sorcery)

The Kingdom of Alovai (Atlantis, Royalty and Ruins)

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