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House of Wind

A rendition of the palace

The House of Wind is rich in magic and resources. It is the only House with a matriarchy; many women become incredibly powerful in this area because of its unique structure. The palace reminds me of a Greek temple, an open air space well suited for magical casting. The House of Wind is the only location where magic can constantly be seen, represented by streaks of color. This is due to an intense presence of elemental magic in the air.

Flag: A light silver background with a dark silver border and light glittery swirls of wind gusts.

Lay of the Land: A mountain lorddom: one town, six villages.

Potency of Magic: 9/10

Main Exports: Rice, tea, furs, fruits

Royal Family: High Lady Morgana Andrea Airian, Lady Aira Solana Airian

Political Alliance: Alliance of the Lily

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