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House of the Evening

The House of the Evening is one of the most fascinating places and my favorite of all twelve Houses. This place is known for its amazing music, good wine, and the most wonderful festivals in the realm. Hunters and traders ride up and down the mountainside in search of deer, wild horses, and the mighty wolves that roam the region. At night, the whole lorddom is lit up by fairy light: sometimes soft and sometimes bright. It’s most certainly the place to be for a good time.

Flag: A light purple flack with a dark purple border and a swirling glass orb with purple and blue smoke with a white smoke trail coming from behind it in the center.

Lay of the Land: a mountain/river lorddom: three towns, nine villages.

Potency of Magic: 8/10

Main Exports: Precious stones, wine, musical instruments, furs

Royal Family: High Lord Alexander Hesperos Faelie, High Lady Elise Camryn Faelie (Gaerach), Lord Neil Sonra Faelie, Lady Analise Marie Faelie

Political Alliance: Alliance of the Lily

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