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House of the Day

Inspiration for the House of the Day market

The House of the Day is a beautiful valley kingdom with the most quaint fairy tale charm. The villages have traditional thatched roof houses with central wells. The town that Grace travels into on her first journey into the Upper Realm has one of the largest outdoor markets in all of the 12 Houses. The wooden stalls are covered in brightly colored cloth and house a variety of products. Merchants travel from all over the Upper Realm and Middle Realm representation to trade. An abundance of food, colorful clothes, magical items, protective charms, and a small selection of weaponry can be found up and down a large semi circle in the middle of the square.

Flag: A sky blue flag with a yellow border and a white daisy in the center.

Lay of the Land: A valley lorddom: two towns, eight villages.

Potency of Magic: 6/10

Main Exports: Magic amulets, clothing, fruits

Royal Family: High Lord Michael Helios Gerald, High Lady Helen Marie Gerald (Rouge), Lord Jason Barry Gerald, Lady Emily Ann Gerald

Political Alliance: Alliance of the Rose

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