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Chasing War's Presale Campaign Is Now Live!

Hey everybody! I'm so excited to share that Chasing War's presale campaign is officially live! I can't believe I'm doing this again, but I'm so thrilled to get this new story out to you. Chasing War picks up right where Chasing Fae left off with Grace taking her new place in the Upper Realm. Spoilers from here on in. When Grace arrives at the House of the Evening, she is instantly thrust into the world of the nobility. As the heir to a throne she didn’t even realize was hers, she has to navigate magical education, dangerous politics, and a stepfamily she never asked for. With her tutor, Talon, and Aiden by her side, Grace steps out into the Upper Realm only to find a war exploding under her gaze led by the House of Darkness. She and Aiden must quickly strategize against the invaders while searching in earnest for the remaining six prophecy members. As the war rages on and more pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Grace must make a decision about who to trust and how to lead.

Click here to check out the presale campaign and preorder your signed copy of Chasing War today!

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