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Drawing Inspiration From Real Life

Every story that I have ever started has drawn upon inspiration from my world, whether that be my family, my friends, or events that have happened in my life. The first book I ever wrote was actually about a fictional version of my family and their adventures in a strange, slightly fantastical land (but cut me some slack, I was only ten). Big moments and important people in my life do eventually manifest themselves as book characters, albeit with some significant modification

An Interview With Grace

A Rendering of Grace Richardson, the main character of Chasing Fae. Complements of Skye Kelrose, a fantastic artist! What is your full name? – Grace Andrea Richardson. How old are you? – I’m 19. When were you born? – I was born in Lisden in the Middle Realm. What is your current state of mind? – Current state of mind? Pretty chaotic. Lots of thoughts scrambling around. I’ve kind of blocked out most of my emotions. I guess that’s autopilot, huh? What do you consider to be your

Character Profile: Grace

Credits to the brilliant Skye Kelrose for this piece! Grace Andrea Richardson Age: 19 Hometown: Lisden, Middle Realm Physical appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, average height, slim and athletic build Objective: Find out how and why her brother died Grace has had a rough year. Her older brother, Leo Richardson, who has always been her best friend and only rock was suddenly killed in a mysterious accident in the Upper Realm. When the Fae didn’t step up to assist wit

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