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Kindle Vella has launched!

Kindle Vella is live! My new story, The Ivy Labyrinth, has six episodes available to read and a seventh uploading on Thursday. I'll be updating every Monday and every other Thursday: that's six new episodes a month.

In a world of magical instability, four high school students are chosen every year to enter the Ivy Labyrinth and attempt to break its hold on the planet. Four go in, but none come out. Now, it is Kristy, Kai, Brianna, and Ash's turn to enter the maze and solve its challenges and riddles in hopes of making it out alive. This magical realism serial will be written from four perspectives and take readers on a quest through physical and magical obstacles as the students struggle towards the center.

Click here to check it out: readers are getting 200 free tokens! I'm super excited.

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