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House of Water

Inspiration for the House of Water

The House of Water reminds me of the kingdom from The Little Mermaid, an ocean lorddom with a quaint charm. The main town is filled with little side streets with hand blown glass shops and little local jewelry stores. It’s a very locally invested area; a lot of money gets put back into promoting local trade and artistry. Being situated on the ocean, the House of Water hosts the largest harbor complete with grand ships of all kinds, both personal and economic.

Flag: A blue flag with a tealy green border and a wave pattern across the entire flag.

Lay of the Land: A coastal lorddom: one town, ten villages.

Potency of Magic: 5/10

Main Exports: Glass, clothing, jewelry, fish.

Royal Family: High Lord Dylan Christian Triton, High Lady Cordelia Marie Triton (Pan), Lord Tristan Eric Triton, Lady Michelle Pride Triton

Political Alliance: Alliance of the Rose

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