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House of the Sun

The palace

The House of the Sun is one of the smaller lorddoms of the Upper Realm with a small population situated along the western side of the border. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in magical potency and general grandeur. The main town houses a spectacular palace with sweeping gardens surrounding it. Most of the House of the Sun’s presence in Chasing Fae is focused in on the palace and its interior.

Flag: An orange flag with gold trim and a lighter orange sun in the center.

Lay of the Land: A valley lorddom: one town, eight villages.

Potency of Magic: 7/10

Main Exports: Magical charms/items, fruits, vegetables

Royal Family: High Lord Nicholas Adrian Çaelic, Sr., High Lady Caroline Rose Çaelic (Matthais), Lord Nicholas Adrian Çaelic, Jr., and a younger Lord no longer in the royal picture

Political Alliance: Alliance of the Rose

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